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The Moonflask

Saturday Drama, BBC Radio 4

A group of jobseekers pool their skills to steal a Ming vase and return it to its owner. 

The Moonflask - cast and credits


"The Moonflask will light up your day… this drama by talented playwright will keep you guessing right up until the end... a drama of bluff and double bluff, smoke and mirrors where nothing is quite as it seems."

Jane Clinton
Sunday Express

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"This drama by Paul Sellar is something to cherish... You'll need to pay close attention to keep up with all the twists and turns of the exhilarating plot." 

David Crawford 
Radio Times
Critics' Choice
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"The Moonflask is a crime caper with a difference."

The Telegraph - Weekend Highlight

"A group of job seekers pool their resources to pull off a heist."

Recommended in Mail on Sunday weekend magazine

"There is no mistaking the signature of writer Paul Sellar – the master of deception layered upon deception – as the audience become as deliciously duped as the characters."

Moira Petty
The Stage & Television Today
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"The Moonflask by Paul Sellar was an old-fashioned thriller with an excellent plot, broadcast as the Saturday drama."

Sutton Elms

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