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The Bedsit


Brady, Dempster and Anton. A bedsit in North London. Who holds the
ultimate power in this deadly game of terror and deception?



An IRA gunman awaits his fate in a London Bedsit.


The play was first published by Faber & Faber in August 1999.


Paperback: 96 pages

Publisher: Faber and Faber (23 Aug 1999)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0571203647
ISBN-13: 978-0571203642

(Five stars: 'Unmissable')

"Three men (two young, the other middle aged) bicker, banter and argue but it is hard to define the relationship between them. Then it becomes clear that the young men are lodgers. However, it also becomes apparent that they are members of a terrorist organisation. This is a play which almost defines the term “thriller.” As a result of its tight, witty script, moments of pure hilarity are juxtaposed with superbly realised instances of tension. As chilling as it is humorous, this is a must for those who like their theatre cogent and absorbing."

Dawn Kofie
The List

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"A highly charged political play because the personal stakes are so high… thrilling… the dramatic tension is stunning."

Simon Reade

Time Out
Time Out Critics' Choice box.
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"James Ellis waits for a visit from two young Irishman in this highly charged political play by Paul Sellar"

Time Out Critics' Choice box.

"A very powerful piece of theatre."

Feature with commentary, filmed extracts and interviews.
BBC 2 Edinburgh Nights

"The central character of The Bedsit, by up-and-coming 26-year-old writer Paul Sellar, has good reason to hide himself away. Brady :played by James Ellis, is a middle-aged Ulsterman who finds two strangers a: his door. What they want gradually emerges in this surreal and brutal drama at the Tabard."

Mark Cook

The Guardian​ Guide
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"James Ellis - he of ZCars - is the highlight of this bristling political play by Paul Sellar, giving a grim, vehement. performance as Brady, an ex-member of the IRA.Two young gunmen arrive at his London hideaway on Guy Fawkes' night to goad him into rejoining them. Revived for the Time Out Critics' Choice season, this is a fast-paced, vicious experience thick with tension."

The Evening Standard

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"A neat thriller with a twist in its tale."

Susannah Clapp

The Observer
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"Also recommended is Paul Sellar's The Bedsit. A taut little play about a gunman who has renounced the cause but finds himself tracked down by two former colleagues. It is essentially a thriller, and a good one, with some clever twists and a satisfying surprise ending."

John Gross
Sunday Telegraph

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"Real life events are a savage reminder of the plays extreme relevance… The surprise ending is chilling."

Rachel Halliburton
The Independent

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"I long to mention the last two minutes but this would be an unforgivable offence. I must not give away the end"

Jeremy Kingston

The Times
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"A cleverly crafted play… this story of mistrust and misjudgement involves us not only as a thriller but also as a funny and thought provoking study of fear and idealism."

Alison Huntley
Times Literary Supplement

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"A tightly crafted psychological thriller set in a claustrophobic bedsit."

Scotland on Sunday

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"A tense, multi layered piece. Part thriller, part lament. The naturalism may be as heightened as the stakes, but the tension is very real. You wont find much tauter."

Robert Thompson

The Herald

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