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The Takeover

A BBC Radio 3 Original Drama


A hostile takeover bid sparks a war among rival business interests.

The Takeover is a 60-minute play produced by the BBC (The Wire). The drama
was directed by Sally Avens and premiered on 25 February 2012 and was repeated later in the year.

Radio 3's The Wire is a showcase for works that push the boundaries of drama and narrative, created by first-time radio writers and also writers distinguished
in other forms. 

A screenplay version of The Takeover was developed through Film 4 and Warp x Studios.

The play was joint runner up in The Imison Award and was the BBC’s nomination for The Prix Europa 2012.


“The twist at the end is both surprising and moving. A well-constructed story, beautifully told.”

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Judges at BBC Audio Drama Awards


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"Plotting doesn’t come any cleverer than in Paul Sellar’s The Takeover."

Moira Petty
The Stage (29 February 2012)
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"Radio 3's once avant-garde slot The Wire provides a neatly conventional black fable, The Takeover (9.30pm), an ingenious tale of the soft underbelly of business: double-double-cross and then some."

Martin Hoyle 
The Financial Times 

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"The Wire: The Takeover (Radio 3, 9.30pm) is a fast-moving play by Paul Sellar starring Allan Corduner as Harry and Adam Levy as Adam, rival half-brothers forced to come together to resist a hostile takeover of their business."

Today's radio highlights by Gillian Reynolds, the UK's top radio critic.
The Telegraph
"Lays bare the evils of capitalism... contained the kind of wanton cruelty reminiscent of Jacobean revenge tragedies."

The Wire on BBC Radio 3 (26 February 2012)

Laurence Raw 

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"A fast moving story with a neatly constructed twist... The quicksilver dialogue gives each of the characters a distinctive voice while also making the most of the radio format...”

JUDGES for the Imison Award Shortlist, 2012.

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Read the full text of the Imison Award Shortlist (including cast list).

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